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Great Britain

Rustler Yachts Limited

Falmouth, Maritime Building, Falmouth Road , TR10 8AD

Model range

The brand Rustler Yachts produces center Cockpit Sailboats and enclosed Yachts. There are 2 models from 12 to 13 meters.


Company history

The history of Rustler started long before the launch of a separate brand. The first Rustler 31 was designed in the mid-60s by Kim Holman on behalf of Russell Anstey, who set up a shipyard to build the model. The shipyard was named Anstey after his name and the name of the boat was derived from it. In total the company launched about 35 models, then the forms were sold and the boats were produced by different companies.

In the 80's Rustler was talked about again, the 36-foot model developed by Hallman began to be built by Orion Marine, and two decades later a separate shipyard was born.


It's working.

Production .

Today Rustler is part of the Falmouth Maritime Group. Construction is under way at the Falmouth Maritime Group site. The 20,000-square-metre site also includes a service department, marina and covered winter storage facilities.

Model range

The range includes luxury semi-custom sailing yachts with protected cockpit. There are also stylish dealers made in classic style. Only in the catalogue of the manufacturer there are less than 10 models and most of them are built with a long keel, which is not often found in modern sailing yachts.

Features .

Rustler are reliable, time-tested yachts. Many boats are so well designed that they have been in demand for decades and are still in demand among yachtsmen.

Due attention is also paid to the interior spaces, which are traditionally decorated with expensive woods.

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