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US, Orlando

Nautique Boat Company, Inc.

14700 Aerospace Parkway, FL 32832

The brand Nautique Boat produces deck boats and ski and wakeboard boats. There are 13 models currently in production ranging from 6 to 9 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Nautique Boat and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Nautique Boat Model Range

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History of the company

In 1924, Walter C. Meloon took advantage of a boom in real estate and moved to Florida with his wife and three sons. At the new location, the family decided to build boats and a year later opened Florida Variety. In 1930 the company received a new name - Pine Castle Boat. Six years later Melun changed the name of the company for the last time to Correct Craft, which is still in use today.

During the Second World War the company fulfilled orders for the army. So in 1945 General Reagan ordered the shipyard to build 400 vessels in two weeks, and the company never produced more than 50 boats per month at that time. The team was able to fulfill the order without losing quality or even giving up weekends on Sundays thanks to a method that was quickly developed. Channel National Geographic called it a «miraculous production».

The beginning of the Nautique brand can be considered 1957, when Leo Bentz designed the first fiberglass Ski Nautique, the design of which Correct Craft was able to sell.

After that, the new direction and the brand were only gaining momentum. In 1986, SeaWorld was contracted to supply Nautique boats for ski shows in marine parks. In 1995 and 1996, the manufacturer's boats were selected as official vessels for the World Wakeboarding Championships.

Today, Correct Craft and its Nautique brand are very popular among water sports enthusiasts. The shipyard's boats regularly participate in international competitions, and the company itself organises various events and sponsors professional athletes.


It's working.

Production .

Construction of boats under the brand Nautique is carried out at the factory in Orlando (Florida). The facility covers a total area of 55 hectares (!) with two lakes for concept testing and finished boats, a head office and 25,000 square meters of indoor production facilities. Even not every superyacht manufacturer can boast such figures. This does not take into account the various ancillary facilities, which are also owned by the company and manufacture various components for the brand.

Model range

The company builds sports tugboats, which are suitable for both amateurs and professionals. The model lineup is dominated by Deck boats (with an extended nose), although there are several bowriders. From the launch of the first boat to the present day, glass fibre has remained the main material in the hulls, with carbon fibre being added to some models to reduce weight and improve durability.

Features .

Nautique was the first company to introduce with its Total Surface Control hull a production boat specially designed for wakeboarding. The boats of the shipyard are appreciated for their well thought-out hydrodynamics and of course for the Nautique Surf System (NSS) technology, which allows fine tuning of the wave. It is also worth noting that all models are equipped with engines from sister PCM Marine Engines, which allows to guarantee high quality not only of the hull but also of the power plant.