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The brand Pershing Yachts produces enclosed yachts, high performance yachts and is also active in the superyacht market. There are 7 models currently in production ranging from 16 to 42 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Pershing Yachts and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Pershing Yachts Model Range



Company history

Italian brand Pershing was born in 1985. In the same year, mobile phones, the Internet and the film «Back to the Future»came out. It was an era of dreamers and talented inventors. It is no coincidence that it was in 1985 that experienced yachtsmen and entrepreneurs Tilli Antonelli, Fausto Filippetti and Giuliano Onori presented the new yacht they had invented together with naval architect Fulvio De Simoni - Pershing 45. This was an unusual model for that time, a high-speed outdoor boat, yet as comfortable and spacious as a normal motor yacht. The yacht brand, like the ballistic missile of the same name, was named after American General John Pershing.

The Pershing 45 led to a revolution in the market and gave rise to many futile attempts to copy it. The new yacht quickly gained popularity and entered the market of other countries. In 1998 Pershing joined the Ferretti Group, gaining more opportunities for further growth. The number of models and sizes of Pershing yachts has increased significantly and the shipyard continues to collaborate with Fulvio De Simoni , who continues to create truly futuristic designs for the brand.


It is part of the Ferretti Group.

Production .

Today the base where Pershing is being built is located in Mondolfo - the production area of the complex is 53 thousand square meters. The company has dealers and service centers all over the world.

Model range

Pershing produces semi-custom and custom high-speed sports yachts and superyachts in composite and aluminium hulls 50-170 feet long.


«Those who drive Pershing, we call the pilots by analogy with the pilots of fighters or racing supercars»," says Alberto Galassi, General Manager of Ferretti Group. Pershing yachts are equipped with propulsion systems, including partially submerged propellers and water jets.

The main feature of the brand from its foundation is speed and once again speed.

Even Pershing superyachts are capable of speeds up to 40-50 knots: for example, the «base» speed of Pershing 115 with its 7400 hp engines was already 38 knots, but the installation of aircraft turbines allowed the yacht to increase speed up to 52 knots.

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