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The brand KM Yachtbuilders produces performance cruisers and is also active in the superyacht market. There are 2 models currently in production ranging from 18 to 21 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from KM Yachtbuilders and contact us for sales and pricing information.

KM Yachtbuilders Model Range


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History of the company

The modern history of the KM Yachtbuilders brand began in 1999 when Eeuwe Kooi bought the Damstra shipyard in Makkum, Lake Isseemer in the Netherlands. The production has already had 30 years of experience in aluminium hull construction. Ave has relied on building custom sailing yachts in collaboration with leading Dutch architecture firms. In this way, the company has been working in the premium segment from the very beginning.


KM Yachtbuilders specializes in the construction and finishing of aluminium sailing yachts of any author's design up to 30 meters in length. The technology of working with aluminum used in the shipyard is one of the most advanced in the world.

The company also supplies aluminium hulls for sailing and motor yachts to the orders of other shipyards and private individuals.

Model range

The philosophy of KM yachts is maximally focused on satisfying the ideas and wishes of each individual client. The shipyard offers the opportunity to address and bring to life any professional design, but historically KM has worked closely with certain design companies, producing several series of hulls with similar characteristics.

The main partners are Dykstra Naval Architects («Bestevaer» and Bestewind«ranges) and Van»de Stadt Design (Stadtship line). Among new partners are Satellite Yacht Design («Axonite»line) and Opus Yachten (Opus«).

The size range of the yachts built is in the range of 37-100 feet, which is determined by the technological capabilities of the shipyard. In 2005 the company has somewhat moved away from its concept of individual design and has produced a serial model Bestewind 50. In this model, the company first applied GRP composite technology in the production of enclosures. Despite the relative success of Bestewind, the company remained faithful to its business model of individual construction.


Technologies of work with aluminum allow to build enclosures of variable thickness of the shell, taking into account the conditions of intended operation.

For example, the standard 5-7 mm housing can be reinforced up to 10 mm in the bow for Arctic versions.

Hydraulically controlled keel and rudder pen allow safe «drainage at» low tide, reinforced to 15 mm in tidal models.

Many yachts (such as the standard Bestewind 50) have glazed deckhouses (pilot houses), which increase safety and comfort on long crossings.

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