Builder Art of Kinetik

Serbia, Belgrade

Kopitareva gradina 3, 11000

The brand Art of Kinetik produced high performance yachts and minimalist yachts. There are no current models in production but you can learn more about the production of the brand in “Discontinued models“ section.

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History of the company

Despite the fact that the Serbian shipbuilding tradition is hardly known to the general public, the Belgrade Art of Kinetik was able to surprise the world. The shipyard was founded in 2007 by a Serbian entrepreneur Boris Ivanovic, previously better known for his activities in telecommunications. Inspired by the wooden boats of the Italian Riva 50s - 60s, Ivanovic immediately aimed at taking the highest bar, the super luxury segment, and he succeeded.

«The idea was to imagine what Riva would look like in the 21st century if they continued to be built of wood. We opened a factory, bought equipment in Italy and decided to do everything in Serbia," Ivanovic»says.

The first model, the 19-meter Gedonist, was a hit. The bet was made on the exclusive design, as well as on the noble and classic material of production - wood.


The shipyard has stopped working.

Production .

The factory, located in Belgrade, has 4 main workshops: a carpentry workshop, a metal work shop, a composite shop and an upholstery workshop. Design and production of interiors and accessories is carried out by German partners, in particular, the recognized designer Alv Kintscher. Valuable species such as African mahogany, Burmese teak and American dark nut are used in the manufacture of enclosures. The wood is subjected to a special hydrothermal treatment in Germany to increase its strength and durability. The boats are made strictly under the order, under a completely custom-made scheme, the production period is 12-14 months.

«We wanted to create the best and most beautiful boat in the world. Every detail of the boat is a kind of work of art, requiring hundreds, if not thousands of hours of construction», - says Ivanovic: It takes «only 9 months to make a captain's chair. We have put a lot of design, ergonomic analysis and testing into it. Many people asked us to do the same to their office, as they have never seen»anything like it.

Model range

The company has three high-speed models from 10 to 20 meters long with unusual, but speaking names: Hedonist, Antagonist and Mazokist. The flagship model Hedonist is presented in three versions: Convertible, Hard Top and Open. This model with its cosmic design is reminiscent of a starship from a Hollywood movie. The slightly more traditional open Antagonist (11.4m) and Mazokist (10m) are self-sufficient boats, but will also be perfect for superyacht tenders.


Art of Kinetik yachts, as an exclusive product, are very expensive - for example, for Hedonist it will cost from 3.45 to almost 4 million euros. But they are worth it. Wherever these boats are moored, they immediately gather crowds. Indeed, for all the variety of designer yachts, few shipyards offer a truly exclusive product, including Art of Kinetik.

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