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The brand Baia produced high performance yachts, minimalist yachts and is also active in the superyacht market. There are no current models in production but you can learn more about the production of the brand in “Discontinued models“ section.


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Company history

This Italian shipyard was founded in 1961 in Naples and was originally called Mericraft. The company was engaged in the manufacture of small wooden boats. In 1968 Mericraft moved to the town of Bahia in the west of the Bay of Naples. She changed her name to Cantieridi Baia in 1972 after her purchase by the Capasso family, who had previously been a client of the firm.

The new owners have embarked on a course of changing the boat material, as well as improving production efficiency. In 1977 the revolutionary model, the fiberglass Pascià, was introduced and since 1980 all yachts have been made of composite. In 10 years the company has produced 106 models, making a claim to leadership in the Italian yachting industry. The year 1984 was marked by the opening of the first sales office in the USA. Since 1986, in order to meet the needs of growing markets, the shipyard has paid more attention to the production of large outdoor yachts. At present 55% of Cantieridi Baia's production goes to the home market and 45% is exported.

Baia yachts are stylish high-speed boats with an impressive level of luxury and comfort on board that have gained popularity all over the world.

However, after the global crisis, the financial situation of the shipyard, like that of many other small shipyards in the country, has not improved.


Despite the official announcement of the company bankrupt in December 2015 and a wave of layoffs, the shipyard is fulfilling individual orders. However, the future prospects of this iconic Italian company can hardly be called encouraging.

Production .

The production site is located near the coast and covers an area of 26,500 square meters. Here premium semi-deck boats made of durable composites, carbon fibre and Kevlar are created by hand. We have our own laboratory for researching innovative materials and technologies to help our products meet the latest technological trends. The shipyard boasts that 80% of its products, including design, are of Italian origin.

Model range

The soul of the shipyard is its stylish sports cruisers with open or semi-closed saloons, the design of which emphasizes their love of speed and spectacular outfits. The larger series with its quiet futuristic design, the Sevolution series with hybrid propulsion systems, is an attempt to look into the future of motor yachting. Another area of activity is the construction of racing boats for international competitions, a segment in which the company has unique experience.


In 1983, the company celebrated its collaboration with legendary racer and shipbuilder Don Aronov, who designed the hull of the B50 model. In 1990 this boat won the famous tournament of Venice «- Monte Carlo .

Cantieridi Baia's customers included Ivan Trump, Donald Trump's first wife, who bought a 105-foot boat from the yard in 1992.

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