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The brand Comar produced luxury sailing yachts, performance cruisers and is also active in the superyacht market. There are no current models in production but you can learn more about the production of the brand in “Discontinued models“ section.


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Company history

The history of Comar began in 1961 in Forli. The company was then called Sipla and was known as Flying Juniors, a manufacturer of wooden yachts. The shipyard was among the first to notice the fibreglass. Its use was innovative in those years and to approve its first project with new material the company resorted to a trick: the hull of the prototype was painted brown, fake wood was added and exhibited for certification on behalf of the shipyard where classic wooden boats were produced. Rina's representatives were busy with more significant projects and signed Meteor certification documents without looking at them. So Sipla continued to work legally.

In 1971, Sipla released the racing Comet 910, developed by Van Stadt Design in collaboration with the then young Groupe Finot. The boat immediately won the regattas and was very successful on the market with more than 1000 comets sold in 15 years. The company expanded its production and developed the entire Comet range. They were fast and convenient, offering advanced solutions for those years, such as genoa and grotto twists. The name of the shipyard was now Comar Yachts. By the end of the 80's the shipyard was producing 145 boats per year and had 160 employees, becoming one of the largest sailing yacht builders in Italy. With the arrival of the new owner Massimo Guardigli in 1998, Comar began to pay more attention to the construction of larger models and to custom projects, among other things.

Status .


Production .

The shipyard is located in Fiumicino, near Rome. Over the years the company has built over 5000 yachts.

Model range

Comar's range of semi-custom sailing and racing cruising yachts includes 30-100 feet of composite hull lengths. In terms of design, the shipyard works with Studio Vallicelli.

Features .

Comar yachts are distinguished by their Italian classical style, this applies to exteriors and interiors. Comar skilfully combines craftsmanship with the latest technology, quality and individual approach. The hulls are made of fibreglass reinforced with carbon. The majority of boat components are manufactured in the shipyard's own production, starting with the hull and finishing with carpentry work for interiors and metal parts. The racing versions of Comar cruisers are optimized for IRC standards. All the boats of the shipyard have the category CE "A" - World Ocean.

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