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The brand Wellcraft produces fishing boats and outboard boats. There are 8 models currently in production ranging from 6 to 14 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Wellcraft and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Wellcraft Model Range

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History of the company

Bill Davis and Ed Krafton founded the Wellcraft Marine Corporation in 1955 in Sarasota, Florida. The company initially built wooden boats 14 to 17 feet long and smaller 12-foot Scythians. In the early 1960s, Wellcraft began manufacturing hulls made of moulded fiberglass, which was a real innovation at the time. These were small boats, including cabins up to 23 feet long with a «deep-V hull. Almost as soon as the company launched production, it began exporting boats to overseas markets where consumers quickly appreciated the quality, good looks and practicality of Wellcraft boats. In the 70's the shipyard produced more than 20 different models, including boats with trimaran hull, which showed a very smooth running.

However, one of the most famous boats of the shipyard was Wellcraft Scarab, first produced in 1975.

Its production was mastered in collaboration with Wellcraft and Scarab brand creator Larry Smith. Thanks to Scarab 38 KV, shown in the popular Miami«Metro series: Vice Squad in 1984», sales grew by 21% over the year.

By its 40th anniversary Wellcraft has produced more than 250 thousand boats. After several owner changes, Wellcraft, like Scarab, fell under the control of the French group Beneteau in 2014.


It works.


Wellcraft's headquarters and production are located in Cadillac, Michigan. The brand has an extensive dealer network in the world.

Model range

Wellcraft produces high-speed boats for leisure, water sports and fishing in lengths of 18-36 feet. The boats are equipped with powerful outboard motors. The company's website offers a convenient configurator to select the model and options even before ordering.

Features .

Wellcraft boats are characterized by outstanding speed qualities, versatile, practical and suitable for sailing of different purposes. The hull of the deep-V« is sharpened» for a soft stable stroke in any sea state. Excellent maneuverability and controllability of Wellcraft boats is a special pride and longstanding know-how of the shipyard. Many places of storage and convenient transformational decisions are useful in any sailing.