Arcadia 85
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Arcadia 85

One honest, brave boat.

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This yacht has attracted the attention of professional public at the stage of pictures and drawings. It's time to evaluate it live.

Arcadia Yachts. - the youngest name in the industry: the shipyard was announced at the Monaco Yacht Show in September 2008. At first it looked like an adventure. A new shipbuilding brand in the midst of a crisis? A 30 million Euro investment in production when shipyards with a century-long history lie one after the other like drunken sailors on leave? Don't make us laugh!

But the founders of the new shipyard are Hugo Pellegrino, heir to a large production group, and his friend, the designer and co-owner of the shipyard. Sanlorenzo Francesco Guida, - quickly proved to everyone that they are serious. The smart concept of the model range: simplicity, economy, environmental friendliness. Fresh, non-standard design. And some deep, not fake, inner confidence of Hugo and Francesco, when they spoke about their production philosophy, showing the new production halls of Arcadia Yachts near Naples. Of course every yacht builder has their own «philosophy», but everything they said sounded honest - and bold.

And so, at the January boat show in Düsseldorf, the shipyard's first «live» boat, a 26-meter-long... Arcadia 85. You can immediately see how different it is from all the others in weight category «25 plus minus 1 meter». It's a really innovative product.

An all-glass superstructure on a stainless steel frame provides a panoramic view in all directions. Markedly moved to the bow and occupying about half the length of the vessel, it is as large as superstructures on flybridge boats of similar length.

At the same time the cockpit turned out to be twice as spacious: a full-fledged dining table for al fresco piers and a luxurious sofa area for 15 people were placed here. According to Francesco Guid's plan, the huge cockpit is the centerpiece of the boat and can be closed with sliding walls if desired. The designers consciously abandoned the flybridge by placing solar panels on the roof superstructure. «It was an ethical choice»", explains Francesco. But the batteries give out 4 kW of voltage - this is enough for all the needs of the boat, if not too much for the air conditioning. On a sunny day, you can anchor in absolute silence by turning off the generators.

The lower deck can accommodate 4 or 5 passenger cabins, depending on the client's preferences. Two crew cabins are located separately in the forward section of the hull. The stylish and laconic interiors are designed in collaboration with the furniture brand Poltrona Frau.

The economical 720 hp Man engines accelerate the boat to an acceptable 18-19 knots for a semi-displacement hull. If you wish, you can install a hybrid diesel-electric «machine». By default (which is a rarity for such «babies») are installed stabilizers zero speed and «adult» wastewater treatment system Hamman. Environmental care for Arcadia Yachts - is not an empty sound.

Anyway, this is a very honest and brave boat.

Published in YACHTS magazine #32.

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