The sea worries once.

The sea worries once.

A little bit about Seaboard, an «exciting» musical instrument inspired by the marine element.
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What's that?

Roland Lamb came up with an unusual musical instrument, basically a synthesizer, but with a fantastic work surface - waves.

Mr. Lamb wanted to create a new style of playing that combines the sensitivity of the fingers with the smoothness of the music. To do that, he had to «melt» the piano keys into a single surface. That «waviness» reminded Lamb of the ocean, and he called the resulting instrument Seaboard, simply «a sea board».

How to play

«The sea board» has a three-stage surface that is soft and very sensitive to touch.

But globally, the new instrument is, in fact, a familiar piano keyboard with distinctive "black" and "white" keys. Therefore, to play on the Seaboard, you do not need to learn for a long time.

The sound of the notes is changed by simple movements, to lower the pitch you need to move your finger smoothly to the left, to raise it to the right. Press harder, and the volume will increase, lighter - and the note will sound quiet. By moving your finger from side to side, you can play vibrato as on stringed instruments. But these are presets, all these «up» and down and «left» and right are set by the musician as desired (modulation, change of pitch, volume and timbre), as well as the sensitivity of the instrument. In general, you are free to customize the Seaboard to your playing style.

Seaboard has its own set of sounds and a processor for processing them, called «the Equator». Thanks to this processor, you don't need to connect your keyboard to an external synthesizer or computer, you can simply plug in headphones or output to the mixer and play. To external tools or the computer connection too is - through standards MIDI and MDC.

There is a chance that the new tool will become for the world of synthesizers and MIDI-keypads the same as the iPhone became for the world of mobile phones.

And of course we are sure that Seabord is the best gift for your acquaintance yachtsman-musician (and there are many of them among yachting people, in our experience).

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