Sails Up! Spring Cup: Style and a glass of rum

Sails Up! Spring Cup: Style and a glass of rum

The most memorable moments of the regatta in Gechek. Told by the captains.
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They say there's a phobia like the fear of no wind. For many yachtsmen, it could be a professional disease, but it doesn't. They probably know some kind of secret. The captains we talked to during the amateur regatta in Gedzheke (this place is also called the Cote d'Azur of Turkey) know it for sure.

This regatta was the first one for many of the participants, including some captains - not everyone had racing experience. How to beat the rivals on the windless, why take a bottle of rum in the race and whether the sailing race needs a photo finish, say skippers and organizers of the regatta, held in May under the flags of Sails Up! and Breeze Club.

Vladislava, captain of the «Sea Tigers and Tigresses»team . Anegada Yacht

At some point a member of our team (for the first time in the race) shouted - «Let's put our sails in a kink!»That is on a «butterfly».

That's how we got this «kicker», especially in quiet races we had to put it often.

In an amateur race, when everyone is on the water for the first time, the result is not important - it is important that everyone understands everything, to do the right thing and, of course, safety is important. Here everyone needs to explain what is happening, to explain the basics. Everyone understands everything pretty quickly, gets involved, but here, as it always happens, the regatta ends.

Ilya Prusov, captain of Team «Adamanti». Yacht Thauride 3

The most memorable was the last silent race, when there was a very hard fight and each boat was breaking out at some point. We had 0.5 - 0.9 knots of moves and we joked that with such a furious speed we would not determine the winner without a photo finish.

For the first time in my practice, during a sailing race, we treated a nearby boat to 23-year-old Zacapa rum, and it was amazing.

The silent races are actually the most challenging, intense and stressful. Like the song Makarevich sings, it's «much harder not to get bored and endure the full silence». When the wind is low, there is a persistent struggle for the slightest gusts. The winner is the one who can read water, spread the distance, form the right tactics. This is a real art.

Igor, captain of the Hangloose yacht...

It was the first race of my life where I came first. The rest of us got used to it. The team did a great job.

Mikhail Cheremushkin, team captain «Silent Wind». Vantage yacht.

I remember the extreme race, where we came first. The guys were so ready that I did not have time to give the teams.

In quiet weather it is very important.

The best impression is that we are a team, that we have worked together, and this, in fact, gave the result.

Vasily Mikhalev, captain of Massena yacht

The most intriguing moment was in the last race, when me and Misha (Mikhail Cheremushkin) together broke out of the crowd and went to the finish line. The rest of the boats gave in to my deceptive maneuver and went the wrong way.

Nikolai, the captain of the Magdalena yacht

It was my first race as captain. We're all happy, alive and well. In one of the races, we were the first to come - and that, of course, was the most memorable. We had a very interesting finish, an intense struggle, we were caught up, but we figured out how to win and did it.

Issa Kalaigi, race committee.

This is an amateur regatta, and many of the participants were on board only on training day. But already in the first race I saw that they became real teams, with good energy. It's amazing. Of course, there was no wind, but I am sure that people just enjoyed the good company.

Alexei Brunov, co-owner of the Breeze Club, organiser of the Sails Up! Spring Cup.

The regatta was successful, with good starts and interesting distances. Emotions were going off the charts - everyone had fun and fun.

And for me this is the main indicator that everything was successful.

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