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The history of the brand

In 1965, after graduating from Washington University, Jack Sarin began working as a designer at Stephens Marine, after a young man decided to expand his knowledge in the field of naval architecture. He managed to find a job with the outstanding architect Edwin Monk. After gaining invaluable experience, and in 1980 an education document, Jack set up his own studio and within three decades managed to achieve worldwide recognition in both the private and commercial sectors.


Rich experience allows Jack Sarin's studio to create unique boats that satisfy the client's wishes, not only aesthetically, but also technically. The boats created with the participation of Jack Sarin Naval Architect are fast, light, strong and elegant at the same time.


The firm provides a full range of design services, including project support. The company takes part in the development of hulls, technical documentation for shipyards in accordance with any requirements of classification societies.

Cooperation with shipyards

Since 1998 Jack Sarin is an exclusive designer of Symbol Yacht. During its history the company has marked itself in more than 400 projects. The team works with Hargrave, Westport, Crescent Custom Yachts, McMullen & Wing, Deep Sea Marine, Sovereign and others.

Landmark projects

Jack Sarin Studio has played an important role in creating its own style for Crescent Custom Yachts. The team has designed the exteriors of many models for the yard, including the 37m Impetuous and 36m Unbridled.

The team

The seven-man team on Bainbridge is still led by Jack Sarin, who is not looking for more orders, but for quality.

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