Rodriguez Group


Designer description Rodriguez Group

Brand history

The founder of the Rodriguez Group, Gerard Rodriguez immigrated to France with his parents almost penniless. To make ends meet, the young man took a job at the marina. By the 1960s Gerard was already a captain and a little later began giving advice to buyers of used yachts. After that he set up a brokerage company, followed by a world famous design studio.


The company tried to present the maximum possible choice to the customer. The team was never afraid to experiment, that's why unique projects that had no analogues with competitors came out of the pen of designers.

Specialization .

Sale, charter, repair, maintenance, berths - not a complete list of services provided by the company. Also Rodriguez Group is known for interior and exterior design for custom and semi custom superyachts.

Cooperation with shipyards

The studio has the most productive relationship with Arno and Overmarine. Together with the first, a series of Leopard yachts was produced. No one had produced boats of this size until then, so they quickly gained popularity. The Mangusta series of high-speed superyachts was created with the Overmarine shipyard.

Landmark projects

Rodriguez Group worked on the famous Mangusta 165, which broke several world records. The studio also designed the 41-metre hull for Rodriquez Yachts, which was the basis for the release of Ocean Pearl, Ocean Sapphire and Ocean Emerald.

The team .

The company had an impressive staff of employees. Representative offices were opened in Tunisia and France, the head office was in Valloris. After the global crisis of 2008-2010 the company could not recover and was declared bankrupt.