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Brand History

British Michael Leach Design is undoubtedly one of the most ambitious studios in the yachting industry. The company dates back to 1997 in New Forest, when Michael Leach decided to start his own business. Within a couple of years the company's portfolio could boast some of the most recognizable projects. Over the next two decades the designer has only strengthened his position, and boats built even in the late 90's are still attracting attention.


The studio has always had the opportunity to expand and increase its staff, but Michael believes that this is not necessary.

«More does not always mean better»after all," says the designer.

The team performs two or three projects simultaneously, the main thing is quality.

Specialization .

Michael Leach Design is primarily known for creating the interiors and exteriors of superyachts and catamarans, but the designers have also done small projects involving tenders and private helicopters.

Cooperation with shipyards

The studio has established relationships with many of the most popular superyacht builders in the segment, including Dutch yards such as Feadship, Amels, Van Der Giessen-De Noord, Swiss Nereid, English Pendennis and German Blohm & Voss.

Landmark projects

Of course, the brightest star in the studio portfolio is Anna superyacht. The 110-metre Feadship flagship is considered the second largest built in the Netherlands. Michael Leach's timeless exterior and interiors attract attention. It is no coincidence that she was listed as one of the most impressive superyachts in 2018 by the influential Superyachts Times.

Team .

A little later after the company was founded, Michael accepted Mark Smith as a partner. Together they lead a team of eight designers.