Laurent Giles Naval Architects

Great Britain

Designer description Laurent Giles Naval Architects

Brand History

The Laurent Giles Naval Architects studio opened its doors in 1927 thanks to the efforts of the young architect Laurent Giles. The company was one of the first-born in its segment and in its 90-year history has completed more than 1400 projects. The firm undoubtedly played an important role in the evolution of shipbuilding, it even participated in the development of boats for the« America»'s Cup.


The Laurent Giles team continues the tradition established by Laurent Giles and relies on extensive naval architecture and design innovation. The only difference is that, using the latest technology and specialized software, designers can create projects in more detail and speed.


The studio started with the development of small wooden sailboats and always followed the changes in the market. Thus motor pleasure boats started to appear in the portfolio, then the company moved from small production models to the superyacht segment.

Cooperation with shipyards

Laurent Giles has built a close cooperation with many shipbuilders. The team implemented projects together with Devonport, Viareggio, Benetti, Australian Yacht Builders, Cantiere Valdettaro, etc.

Landmark projects

The studio has designed many beautiful boats that have been furrowing the sea for over 50 years and still look dignified. Among the recent projects is the Stella Maris, launched in 2012. The boat has won the Showboats Design Awards in the Environmental «Protection category» and two more prizes from the International Superyacht Society - «Best Motor Yacht up to 65m» and «Best Interior».


The Limington office has a team of eight people, including Director David Lewis.