Laura Sessa Romboli

Laura Sessa Romboli, Chief Designer
No matter what you develop, the important thing is to never lose sight of functionality.
Laura Sessa Romboli
Chief Designer

Designer description Laura Sessa Romboli

The history of the brand

Since childhood Laura Sessa Romboli was in love with the sea, but she did not immediately connect her life with boat design. At first it was the interior design of residential and commercial facilities. Later on, the founder of Laura Sessa Design switched to the marine sector and for 10 years she created interiors for luxury sailing yachts and then was attracted by motor superyachts. A great success awaited her in this direction and she was able to achieve worldwide recognition.


Laura Sessu inspires communication with the customer, she is guided by the customer's wishes and offers an elegant solution. In her work, the designer strives to achieve the perfect combination of functionality, beauty and cosiness.

Specialization .

Today Laura Sessa Design studio is fully focused on the interior of custom and semi custom boats.

Cooperation with shipyards

The longest collaboration was with Amels, the shipyard. Laura has designed about 20 boats for the Dutch shipyard. The studio also successfully cooperates with Feadship, Royal Denship and Italian CRN.

Landmark projects

One of the most successful boats designed by Laura Sessa was Madame Kate launched in 2015. The boat received an award for its luxurious interiors at the Monaco show and was also awarded the prize for eco-friendly design. In 2016, she also won first place at the Showboats Design Awards for Marine Architecture.


The headquarters of the design studio are located on the outskirts of Rome. Laura Sessa has a small staff under her supervision.