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Brand History

Marine architect and designer Samer Lasta founded Lasta Design Studio in 2014. Its headquarters are located in the business district of Paris, one of the tallest and non-standard buildings of the French capital - the Grand Arch Défense.

Before opening his studio, Samer Lasta studied and gained experience in other companies. He worked for eight years in his speciality after graduating from the School of Architecture in Nantes in 2006 with a diploma in naval architecture and design.


Lasta Design relies on elegance and performance while continuously developing its technical component and using innovation. Creativity and originality are also valued at Lasta Design.


The studio is engaged in marine engineering and ship design - mainly sailing and motor multihulls.

Cooperation with shipyards

The Lasta Design portfolio includes models built in tandem with the French shipyards Boréal Yachts and Bali, as well as the Tunisian Aventura Catamarans.

Landmark projects

One of the brightest projects of the studio was Bali 5.4, recognized as catamaran of the year at the International Multihull Boat Show in 2019. It focuses on the most efficient use of space - the «living» area is 120 square meters.

For the Aventura shipyard, the design studio has developed the Aventura 10 Power motor cruising catamaran with a flybridge, which has attracted press attention. The shipyard's portfolio also includes single hull projects. For example, the aluminium sailing yacht with the speaking name Revolution 29 has an atypical appearance (jokingly it is even compared to a bathtub) and«yet»it shows excellent performance.

The team is .

Lasta Design employs specialists in marine architecture, interior and exterior design. They are united by a passion for business, technical expertise, and a commitment to research and optimization.