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The history of the brand

The naval architect, Jörg Beiderbeck, has worked as an in-house designer at several shipyards, including the famous Lürssen, who has built around 50 vessels according to his drawings. He also owns the boat Be Mine, which had a significant impact on the industry. In 1996 the master decides to create his own company and opens Beiderbeck Designs.

Philosophy .

Modern tools, well-proven interaction algorithms and work plans allow you to identify the needs of the client and establish effective interaction with him. At the same time, it is difficult to find typical solutions in the company's projects, each one is unique and full of fresh ideas.


The studio's portfolio is quite diverse. The company creates exteriors and interiors for sailing and motor superyachts, dealers, carries out projects connected with re-equipment of classical sailing boats, etc. The studio's portfolio is quite diverse. The studio also offers full construction support and consulting services.

Cooperation with shipyards

The firm's impressive list of partners includes DCAN, Lurssen, Knierim Yachtbau, Horizon, Nautor's Swan and Cyrus.

Landmark projects

During its rich history, the studio has been involved in many well-known projects. The team has been re-equipping the classic Creole sailing yacht, creating the interior and exterior for the 75-meter Phocea. She also worked with Donald Starkey on the design of the 58m Lady Sheridan.

The team .

Since the death of Jörg Baiderbek, his business partners Immo Lüdeling, who came to the Bremen studio in 1997, and Tim Ulrich, who joined in 2010, have continued to work.

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