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John Bannenberg, Chief Designer
I had access to the best technology in the world in shipyards all over the world. I lived a full life in designer's paradise.
John Bannenberg
Chief Designer

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Brand History

The career of Jon Bannenberg, the founder of the world-famous company, began with classes far removed from design, first playing the piano in pubs, later fond of decorating theatrical scenery, and then opened a pawnshop where he sold antiques for interiors, which is where his design studio was born. The Tiawana sailing yacht, launched in 1968, was Bannenberg's first order.


Bannenberg & Rowell Design has a wealth of experience, respect for clients and industry and is always ready to offer bold solutions, however, the company's employees do not stop there and continue to learn and develop. As they say in the studio, «our goal is to create the freshest and most creative work».

Specialty .

The company began with the design of small boats and constantly took on increasingly complex projects, focusing on the interiors and exteriors of superyachts. Also Bannenberg & Rowell Design can be called a forge of frames. John not only made a name for himself, but also brought up many designers who opened their own studios, such as DisdaleStarkey, Winch, Heywood, Poulias.

Cooperation with shipyards

John Bannenberg and his son have built relationships with countless shipyards and developed more than one project for them. At the same time, the cost of services was on average 50% higher than other studios. Among our regular clients, it's worth notingBenetti,Feadship,Princess,HeesenLurssen.

Landmark projects

One of the recent highlights was the Elandess Abeking & Rasmussen, presented in 2018. She received an award from Boat International magazine in four categories, including the best interior.


At the helm of Bannenberg & Rowell is John's son Dickie Bannenberg, who took over the company after his father died. He is assisted in his work by a close-knit team of 11 designers and a dog called Moose.

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