Michela Reverberi

Michela Reverberi, Chief Designer
Ideally, the interior designer should be involved from the very beginning - in the early stages, when the hull and superstructure are being designed. I believe in the need to overcome the traditional approach, it will remove possible limitations in the creation of the project
Michela Reverberi
Chief Designer

Designer description Michela Reverberi

The history of the brand

After studying architecture, Michela Reverberi began her career at Studio Sturchio. After gaining the necessary experience, she decided to go on a free voyage. In the early 2000s, the designer opened her own studio and in 15 years she was able to make a name for herself by celebrating in many significant projects.


Michela knows how to create a style that is not only timeless, but luxuriously decorated and effectively creates a comfortable, sophisticated atmosphere. This feature of the designer can be traced from project to project.


Interior design of superyachts for the Michela Reverberi studio has been a priority almost from the very first days. The portfolio also includes interior design work for residential properties, including country villas and surrounding areas.

Cooperation with shipyards

The studio's partners include many respected shipyards, such as Canados, Posillipo, Royal Denship, Hakvoort, ISA, Heesen, Viareggio SuperYachts. The rich portfolio shows the high quality of the work, the confidence of the shipbuilders and the respect of the clients.

Landmark projects

In 2016, the 55-metre Quinta Essentia was launched, which was then the flagship of the Italian Admiral shipyard. To create an atmosphere of calm and coziness, Michela used natural materials - rare varieties of marble, wood and onyx. At the same time, the boat became the largest model with a hybrid propulsion system (with a gross tonnage of over 500 BRT).

The team .

Michela brought together a small group of designers and personally manages the projects. The studio's headquarters are located in Rome.