Tom Fexas

Tom Fexas, Studio founder
Back when I was designing my first boats, I came to the conclusion that the shorter the navigation season, the more the owner is on board and vice versa.
Tom Fexas
Studio founder

Designer description Tom Fexas

The history of the brand

One of Tom Fexas' childhood memories is of ships sailing in the Strait of Tom Fexas.Long IslandThen he developed a love for boats, and from the age of seven he begins to draw them all the time. After graduating, Tom Fexas worked as an engineer on a cruise ship. He was then employed by General Dynamics Electric Boat, which built submarines for the U.S. Navy. In his spare time, Tom designed yachts.

The studio appeared in 1972, when the designer was still working for GDEB. At that time he started designing the famous Midnight Lace, which made a lot of noise at the show in 1978. Thanks to this boat the classic Italian style became fashionable.


Tom was inspired by the music and style of the 40's and 50's, which became his trademark and can be traced from project to project. The retro style he created is so successful that it is used by many designers today.


The portfolio of Tom Fexas Yacht Design Studio includes motor boats from 5 to 64 meters long. Over time, the studio preferred larger and larger boats and eventually focused entirely on superyachts.

Cooperation with shipyards

Many famous American and foreign shipyards used the services of designers, among them Palmer Johnson, Cheoy Lee, American Marine, Mikelson Yachts, Burger, Derecktor, Royal Denship, etc.

Landmark projects

Even in one of the largest boats, the 63.2 metre Force Blue, the designer has built in characteristic classic shapes. This makes the expedition boat look more elegant and stylish. The Tom Fexas Yacht Design team also worked on the spacious 43.3m Lady J.


After Tom died in 2006, the studio was headed by his former partners and wife Regina. During the global crisis, the yacht market collapsed and the company had to close after 30 years.