Paola D. Smith & Associates


Designer description Paola D. Smith & Associates

Brand History

Paola Diva Giovannetti, Smith's husband, lived a vibrant life. As a child she moved with her parents from Italy to the USA, where she graduated from the school of design. Then the girl made a career as a model and TV presenter, and after marrying an architect, she decided to leave the bustling life and in the late 70's opened a design studio Paola D. Smith & Associates.

The new job has forced Paola to visit his historic homeland frequently. She became the first lady yacht designer to win international recognition and several prestigious awards.


Every project in the studio is unique. The team worked through the client's ideas in detail, making wishes come true. Paola skillfully worked with space, used light and texture to create the necessary atmosphere.

Specialty .

The company specialized in exterior and interior design, space planning for private apartments, residences, villas, yachts and commercial facilities.

Cooperation with shipyards

Studio Paola D. Smith & Associates has become very popular in European countries and America. Feadship, CRN, Christensen, Heesen Yachts, Intermarine, Burger Boat, Technomarine, Australian Yacht Builders and others used the services of the company.

Landmark projects

Built in 1992 for American politician Jim Moran, Gallant Lady was awarded the International Super Yacht Design Award. A year earlier a similar award was given to The Other Woman (now Islander). The boat won first place in the Showboats Award.


Paola Smith passed away in 2007 without leaving a successor. Paola D. Company. Smith & Associates was closed after all obligations were fulfilled.