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Ward Setzer, Studio founder
When I was in architecture school and was spending my summers on the coast of Maine, I walked into a boatyard and asked: «How do you do this and that?» They explained, and I said I'd be back.
Ward Setzer
Studio founder

Designer description Setzer Design Group

History of the Brand

Setzer Design Group was founded by the talented designer Ward Setzer. He began his professional career in 1984 when he was admitted to the studio of the famous Jack Hargrave. Ward was then invited to Hatteras Yachts as head of the design department, and in 1991 he opened his own studio in New Bern, North Carolina.


In naval architecture, the team's main rule is that all boats must be ocean class and ready for harsh weather conditions to protect the owner, guests and crew.

In design, the studio maintains a delicate balance between modern and classic style and ensures that projects remain relevant even decades later.


Setzer Design Group performs a wide range of work in the shipbuilding industry - design, engineering, design, maintenance. The company works with shipyards on custom projects and production boats.

Cooperation with shipyards

One of the first orders for the studio was a series of sportsfishers for Broward Yachts. This was followed by more serious projects for Nisi Yachts, Richmond Yachts, Delta, Kingship, Christensen, Northern Marine and Trinity.

Landmark projects

Perhaps one of the most successful motor superyachts was the Nisi 2400. The semi-custom boat has collected practically all significant awards of the international exhibitions and leading yachting publications. Among them the first places at the World Yachts Trophies and Superyachts Society and the title of «Best Boat 2011» by Yachting Magazine.

The team of .

The studio has changed its location several times during its work, today the company's headquarters are in Stewart, Florida. Setzer Design Group is still managed by Ward Setzer.

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