Designer description Porfiristudio

The history of the brand

Ivana Porfiri began her professional career as a designer immediately after graduating from the Institute of Art Industry in Florence. After moving to Milan in 1988, the girl got a job at Gregotti Associati. The company was involved in real estate design, but one day a regular client asked her to design the interiors for two cruise liners, which was the start of Ivana's work in the yachting industry. Ten years later she set up her own design studio, Porfiristudio.


When creating interiors, Ivan is more repelled by his feelings. She believes that the visual image is secondary, and priority is given to smells, tactile sensations, live texture and warmth. This more sets the atmosphere and provides comfort in the spaces she has designed.

Specialty .

Porfiristudio has long established itself in superyacht design. The studio has a rich portfolio of private villas and apartments. Ivana herself is also engaged in teaching activities.

Cooperation with shipyards

Heesen Yachts, Baglietto, Codecasa, Cantieri di Pisa, Cantieri Navali Rizzardi and Admiral are not all partners. Ivana dreams of working on one of the Wally boats, which is close to her in spirit.

Landmark projects

The studio's most recognizable project was the 36-metre Guilty, launched in 2008. Ivana spent three years designing the boat, giving it a unique appearance by painting the hull in the style of World War I protective camouflage. No less avant-garde interiors can impress guests with an abundance of works of art created especially for this boat.

The team is .

Ivana runs a small studio in Milan and personally works on each project.