Alberto Pinto

Alberto Pinto
Alberto Pinto, Interior Designer
Whatever the style, I prefer eclectic. What really matters is volume, space and light.
Alberto Pinto
Interior Designer

Designer description Alberto Pinto

Brand History

Alberto Pinto was born in Casablanca, Morocco, where he spent his childhood. After graduating from the Louvre School in Paris, he moved to the United States, where he opened a photo agency specializing in architecture and decoration. Cooperation with famous publications helped the future master to develop his own style.

In 1968 the Alberto Pinto studio was opened in Paris, with the designer's sister Linda Pinto playing an important role. The girl, despite her young age, became her brother's right hand. She helped to organize the work and pick up the team. Her collaboration with Alberto Shipyards began immediately with large projects, the first of which was the interior design for the boat of Gucci's heir.


During his life, Alberto Pinto managed to travel and feel the styles of not only different times, but also cultures, and childhood spent on the African continent, lay a bright trace on all the works of the master. Perhaps, this is where the eclecticism in the work of the designer appeared - a mixture of styles, sometimes even bold and hooliganic.


In Alberto Pinto Interior Design portfolio you can find interiors of famous hotels, residences of royal families. The company designs private jets and also owns the interiors of ten of the hundred largest yachts in the world.

Cooperation with shipyards

The company has been creating interiors for superyachts for decades. The studio has repeatedly worked with the leading manufacturers - Oceanco, Amels, Lurssen. She has also collaborated with Abeking & Rasmussen, ISA Yachts, etc. The studio has also worked with the leading superyacht manufacturers -  Oceanco,  Amels,  Lurssen.

Landmark projects

One of the loudest works of the studio was 82-meter Alfa Nero from Oceanco. The boat received the interiors in marine themes. Each room is decorated in an individual color scheme, while maintaining the same style.


After Alberto's death in 2012, the case continues with Linda Pinto and some 60 staff members of the studio under her supervision.