Model range of Franchini

The brand Franchini produces designer Motor Yachts and luxury Cruising Yachts. There are 6 models from 19 to 20 meters.

About Franchini

The history of the company

The Italian shipyard Franchini was born almost immediately after World War II. In 1945 its founder Michele Franchini, nicknamed Guido, opened a small production facility in the port of Riccione. At first the shipyard was building fishing boats, but by 1953 there were single orders for wooden pleasure boats.

Franchini was able to make a serious name for itself in the private sector in the early 60's.

At this time the famous schooner Black Hawk, recognized as one of the most beautiful yachts of Italian shipbuilding, came down from the slipway.

Many of the boats made at the time have survived until today.

In 1972 Michel Franchini was approached by Norberto Ferretti, co-founder of the then little known Ferretti shipyard. He asked to build a boat that would combine good seaworthiness and comfort on board. The result is the first Italian motorcycle saler Mediterraneo. The joint work has benefited both brands. At the show in Genoa, the boat was well received by the public. Also in partnership with Franchini-Ferretti several other successful projects were realized.

By the early 80s Michel's son Massimo Franchini came to the shipyard. He was one of the first in Europe to convert production to GRP and introduce the vacuum infusion method. In the 90's the shipyard began to offer semi-custom solutions along with serial production and by the 2000's Franchini had started to develop motor yachts.


In 2012 the company declared bankruptcy, but Massimo Franchini was able to get out of the situation and resume work.


The company's production facilities are located in Italy. In addition to building boats under its own brand name, the shipyard is also a contractor for many companies building large custom yachts.

Model range

In its more than 70 years of history, the Franchini Shipyard has changed direction from sailboats to motorboats and back several times.

The MIA yachts are now in the range. This is the new Massimo Franchini project, created entirely from scratch. The shipyard offers customers a 19.2-meter hull in three variations - open, with hardtop and semi-closed saloon and top.

Features .

Applying patented nanotechnology in the development of resins, Franchini is able to offer its customers harder and lighter hulls. The modern material is flame-retardant, absorbs sounds better and prevents vibration from spreading. And the latest generation of Volvo IPS engines help reduce fuel consumption.

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