Builder Mochi Craft

Italy, Forlì


Via Ansaldo, 9b

The brand Mochi Craft produces flybridge yachts, lobster boats and gozzo boats and is also active in the superyacht market. There are 5 models currently in production ranging from 13 to 23 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Mochi Craft and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Mochi Craft Model Range


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Company history

Mochi Craft was founded by Luciano Mochi Zamperoli in the 1960s. Initially the company worked in the port of Pesaro, then moved to the industrial park of the neighbouring town of Fano on the Adriatic coast. For about thirty years the brand produced yachts with flybridge, which were particularly popular in Italy and Germany.

At the end of the 90s the shipyard had a bad time - Mochi Craft was on the verge of bankruptcy. At the same time it was noticed by Italian businessman Norberto Ferretti, who found the company suitable for lobster bots. At the dawn of the 21st century, these boats were a curiosity in Europe and seemed a promising niche. In 2001, Ferretti bought the company - so Mochi Craft became part of the Ferretti Group. Since then, instead of swordfish, a dolphin has been painted on the logo of the brand. He also gave the name to a new range of Dolphin yachts.


The shipyard is still a part of the Ferretti Group, an international corporation that used to sell cars and since the 70s has switched to yachts.

Production .

With the move to Feretti, production is located in the town of Forli in the Italian region of Emilia Romagna, in north-eastern Italy. Here is also the headquarters of the brand.

Model range

The Mochi Craft range includes flybridge gliding yachts, closed cruising yachts with hardtop and the same lobster yachts and «lozzos»as the so-called romantic retro style.

In the Dolphin series, the owners wanted to combine new technologies and the special texture of the last century's ships. The hulls and structures of traditional fishing boats with their seaworthiness and maneuverability were taken as a basis. At the same time in design the company sought to preserve the natural lines of the 50s, harmoniously blending them into modern trends. The designer Brunello Acampora worked on this unusual task.


Mochi Craft is distinguished by its eclectic design from other brands of yachts. On some yachts, manufacturers have consciously abandoned slinging so as not to disturb the harmonious hull lines. At the same time, for safety reasons, the deckhouses are equipped with handrails on all sides.

The boats of the brand are multifunctional: you can go on a short sea voyage or a long cruise.

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