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Model range

The brand Cantieri Estensi produces enclosed Yachts with Hardtop and lobster Boats and Gozzo Boats. There are 9 models from 11 to 20 meters.


Company history

The Cantieri Estensi shipyard was founded in 1995 in Ferrara in northern Italy. Since then, more than 500 boats have been seen at the shipyard.

The shipyard has a special piety to the yachting traditions of the East Coast of the USA, to which it skillfully gives an Italian accent. The company has become famous for its production of lobster boatsRetro-style boats from the United States. Since 2006 the shipyard has been building trawler-type yachts in the Maine series, also inspired by New World samples.

In 2009 a new shipyard plant was opened. However, the global economic crisis had a negative impact on the business of Cantieri Estensi, which had begun to experience financial difficulties. The situation was corrected by the change of ownership in 2015. - It was the Garlini family. The first step of the new management was to renew the model range and increase exports, mainly to France and Spain. More than 3 million euros have been invested in the plans. The quality of products is higher, but so is the price. The company has managed to regain its position as one of the leaders in the production of lobster boats and trawlers among Italian shipyards.

Production .

With the acquisition of a modern production site in 2009, as well as a new strategy and financial injections, the Cantieri Estensi team was able to make production more efficient. However, despite the availability of the latest equipment, many stages are carried out manually - this is the position of the shipyard since its foundation. The customer has a considerable choice of layouts and materials to create his own style, and the joint work of the shipyard's specialists at all stages guarantees that he will be satisfied with the result.

Model range

The Goldstar range includes 10 models of composite lobster boats, half of which are in Classic version (11.5 to 16.9 m) and the other half in Sport version (8 to 18 m). Comfortable self-contained Maine trawlers are available in lengths of 14.8-19.8 m, which are suitable for long crossings throughout the year. The third range, America, was launched in 2017 and shows a completely new reading of the lobster bot concept.


Cantieri Estensi does not just create stylish boats with a twist that are ideal for the Mediterranean, but are also sometimes real role models in their segment.

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