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Model range of Britannia

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About Britannia

History of the company

The English brand Britannia Yachts is one of the youngest on the sailing yacht market. The official launch took place on 10th May 2018 at the London on Water Bow Show, where the Discovery Yachts Group announced a new series of yachts in the style of modern classics.

So far we cannot judge the seaworthiness of Britannia boats (at the time of writing no hull has touched the water). But the concept at the heart of the project is impressive and arouses interest among connoisseurs of yacht aesthetics. The reputation and technology of the parent company inspire confidence in the future success of the project.

The Britannia project was launched shortly after the owner structure of the Discovery Yachts Group changed in 2017. On a well-deserved vacation, founder and president John Charnley sold the majority share option to the management team and transferred the reins to Sean Langdon.

Sean Langdon stresses that the project is inspired by the idea of building your own «dream» yacht and is his personal contribution to the history of the company:

«Since childhood I was lucky to sail on real classic yachts of a bygone era. I wanted to own a yacht like that. Now, thanks to the Discovery Yachts Group and Paul Spooner Yacht Design, I can realize this dream.


The brand is developed under the management and at the sites of Discovery Yachts Group.


Britannia boats will be built at the Discovery Yachts Group's main shipyard in Southampton. The company possesses all modern technologies of lamination of fiberglass hulls and production of interior from precious woods.

The Discovery Yachts Group employs over 150 people on a full-time basis.

Model range

The concept of Britannia Yachts is to create a range of yachts in the style of classic sailing yachts of the 1920-30s, taking full advantage of modern production technologies. At the moment a detailed project Britannia 74 is presented. This is a Bermuda sloop with a central cockpit, stylized as classic yachts of the early 20th century. The hulls will be built from laminated fibreglass with Selden's Aluminium Rangout.

Features .

Britannia is created for yachting aesthetes for whom appearance is as important as quality and quality must be unsurpassed. The combination of perfect classic lines with the latest production technology and hand finishing make Britannia boats unique.

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