Builder Perini Navi

Italy, Lucca

Via Michele Coppino 114 Viareggio, 55049

Perini Navi produces custom built luxury boats in the superyacht market which are presented here. The shipyard has no current production line models available.


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History of Perini Navi

Founded by the visionary Fabio Perini, Perini Navi is a brand synonymous with innovation and excellence in the yachting industry. Fabio Perini, a remarkable inventor, engineer, and entrepreneur, embarked on his journey at the age of 20 when he patented machinery for the automatic cutting of tissue paper. His entrepreneurial spirit led to the establishment of a company dedicated to producing cutting-edge equipment for the paper industry under the name Fabio Perini.

In 1982, Fabio Perini set his sights on constructing a large sailing yacht operated by a small crew. As a result, unable to find a suitable project, he took matters into his own hands and ventured into the yachting industry. Perini Navi began as an engineering studio, conceptualizing grand yacht projects. By 1988, the company evolved to construct yachts based on its own innovative designs. In 1994, Fabio Perini sold Fabio Perini S.p.A. and wholeheartedly focused on expanding the shipyard's business.

After that, the early 2000s marked a pivotal moment as Perini Navi acquired two shipyards, the renowned Italian Picchiotti and the Turkish shipyard Yildiz. Subsequently, in 2017, a partnership with Fenix Holding, a third-party investor, breathed new life into the company and led to the consolidation of all production under the esteemed brand name - Perini Navi.

Current status

However, the journey faced its share of challenges. On February 1, 2021, a judge from Lucca Trubuna, the local government authority, declared bankruptcy for the yard. In December 2021, The Italian Sea Group (TISG) stepped in to provide a lifeline. TISG acquired the complete package for €80 million, which included the Perini Navi facilities in Viareggio, the Picchiotti facilities in La Spezia, as well as all related trademarks, patents, and committed employees. This acquisition ensured the preservation of the shipyard's legacy.

Production of Perini Navi

Today, Perini Navi's headquarters proudly stands in Viareggio, Italy. While previously, the company's main production hub was situated in Tuzla, on the outskirts of Istanbul, under the new ownership of TISG, Perini Navi yachts are also crafted and launched in Italy, at the Marina di Carrara facilities.

Perini Navi's fleet

Perini Navi's excellence shines through in its fleet of custom sailing and motor yachts, predominantly constructed from aluminium, ranging from 25 to 70 meters. The year 2023 heralded a new chapter for the Perini Navi brand. Following the acquisition by The Italian Sea Group, a groundbreaking and innovative sailing yacht range was introduced, with motor yachts finding their place under a separate brand, Picchiotti. The Genesis sailing fleet, now proudly showcasing three distinct projects with hull lengths of 48, 56, and 77 meters, has captured the imagination of yachting enthusiasts worldwide.

Perini Navi has also ventured into multihulls, exemplified by the 46-meter Art Explorer, a recent creation set to become the largest aluminium sailing catamaran globally. The shipyard is a hive of activity with three more Perini Navis currently under construction, including a majestic 60-meter ketch, a sleek 56-meter ketch, and a dynamic 47-meter sloop.

Features of Perini Navi yachts

Fabio Perini, the founder of Perini Navi, once said, "The most beautiful thing about a boat is the sea around it." Indeed, the company's yachts embody this philosophy. Beyond the majestic seas they sail upon, Perini Navi yachts are works of art themselves. A hallmark of Perini Navi's craftsmanship lies in its unique engineering solutions, including the ingenious swing keel, automated sailing systems, and innovative hybrid installations. It's noteworthy that some of these pioneering innovations were conceived and patented by none other than Fabio Perini himself.

Perini Navi's yachts hold a prominent place in the realm of sailing, with one-third of the world's sailing yachts over 50 meters in length bearing the Perini Navi name. Among its illustrious fleet, the 88-meter three-masted Maltese Falconlaunched in 2006, stands as an iconic masterpiece, showcasing the avant-garde DynaRig rigging. Other recent projects of note include the 60-meter Perseus 3, boasting a remarkable 75-meter carbon mast, and the awe-inspiring 70-meter yacht Sybaris (now Badis), a fully custom aluminium marvel with Philippe Briand's hull lines.

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