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Canadian Vickers produces custom built luxury boats in the superyacht market which are presented here. The shipyard has no current production line models available.


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Company history

The aviation and shipbuilding company Canadian Vickers started its activity in 1911. As a subsidiary of British Vickers, the shipyard produced boats and aircraft under its own designs and under licence. The firm played an important role in the nascent Canadian Navy. By 1928 the shipyard had separated from «the British»and in 1944 the aviation division was taken over by Canadair Limited. After the 40's, the company started to further develop private shipbuilding and produce superyachts.

Status .

Since 1956 the company has changed owners several times, and in 1988 it stopped working.

Produced by .

The boats were built by a factory in Montreal. There were production facilities, an equipped quay and a floating dock.


Today the shipyard's portfolio includes hardcore retro steamers and brutal expedition vessels. Many ships from Vickers have not been designed for private use, but have survived their «second birth» from warships after extensive refits.

Features .

In the era of «disposable things it is» difficult to find a boat made so qualitatively that it could be in service for more than half a century. These are the «Vickers», designed and built by the masters of the old school. Although their hulls are not as efficient as the modern ones in terms of performance, they still feel great after several hundred thousand nautical miles aft.

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