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Valhalla Model Range

The brand Valhalla produces boats with Outboard Engines and fishing Boats. There are 4 models from 9 to 15 meters.

About Valhalla

Company history

The origins of Valhalla Boatworks go back to the early 2000s. That's when Don Gemmell, a close friend of Patrick Healey and a member of the Viking Yachts design team, caught fire with ideas to build a Viking «style boat, but»smaller in size. In 2003, Don presented a business plan to colleagues and suggested creating a separate brand.

«Everybody was excited about the project, but at the time the economic situation was worsening, and the idea was falling into the background,»" he said.

Only 10 years later was it possible to return to the discussion, it also took a lot of time to find the best place for the construction and to assemble the team. All this took another 8 years.


Works .


To build boats, the company did not use the capacity of the Viking Yachts factory, but launched a new shipyard in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey. The 23,500 sq. m. area is home to three production halls, finished product storage areas and office space.

Model range

The range of boats is from nine to thirteen meters with outboard engines. The designers managed to achieve similarities with the boats in the «Viking»range. The external similarity does not end there - the boats are perfectly adapted for fishing, and the centrifugal layout makes them even more comfortable for this purpose.


Valhalla has brought together designers and shipbuilders with years of experience, and Viking's support has had a positive impact on the promotion of the young brand. The company has introduced a qualitatively new look at fishing boats, offering not just «a garden for fish», but complete comfortable boats for the whole family.

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