Bénéteau Group

Z.I. des Mares - BP 66 - 85 270 St-Hilaire-de-Riez

Model range of Beneteau

The brand Beneteau produces boats with Outboard Engines and sailing Cruisers with Mediterranean Cockpit. There are 50 models from 4 to 20 meters.

About Beneteau

Company history

The founder of the world's largest yachting company Benjamin Bénéteau has been interested in boats since he was a young man. In 1884 in Croix de Vie (Vendée Province) he founded the production of fishing boats, first sailing boats, then motor boats. From 1928 onwards, his son André Benetou developed the company. In the 60s, his children Annette Bénéteau-Roux and André Bénéteau began producing pleasure boats and sport fishing boats from composite. The sailing Forban, Galion and then the two mast Evasion 32 were in great demand. In 1974 the gliding Antares was born, and in 1976 the Beneteau First series was launched, to which André Mauric, Herman Frers, Philippe Starck and Jean Berret took turns.

The centenary of the company marked the opening of production in the United States, at the same time it became public. In 1987 the market got acquainted with Beneteau Oceanis by Philippe Briand, in 1990 - with the monotype for offshore single-seater racing Figaro Beneteau, which in its recent reincarnation is equipped with foils.

Status .

Today the Beneteau Group includes yacht brands CNB, Lagoon, Jeanneau, Four Winns, Glastron, Wellcraft, Scarab, Monte Carlo Yachts, Prestige, Excess, Seascape, Delphia Yachts. Members of the Benetou family remain on the group's board of directors.


The Beneteau Group's headquarters and the brand's production are located in the north of France in Croix-de-Vie.

The Group's yachting business turnover in 2018 exceeded €1 billion, including the Beneteau brand €290 million.

At the end of 2018, the group's market capitalisation exceeded €8 billion. Approximately 60% of sales are in Europe and 25% in North America. The group has offices in the US, Shanghai and Hong Kong and manufactures more than 200 models of yachts from 12 to 105 feet, employing around 7,500 people.

Model range

The Beneteau brand range includes more than 45 sailing and motor models in composite materials ranging in length from 14 to 65 feet.


Beneteau is a large series production. Nevertheless, the shipyard reacts sensitively and faster than competitors to the trends of time and the needs of consumers, emphasizing the practicality, comfort and comparative cheapness of its models. The reliability of the boats of this shipyard is generally high, although there have been tragic incidents in history. However, if we take into account the production volumes of the brand, the statistical frequency of such incidents is not significant.

Discontinued yachts and boats Beneteau


Video of the builder Beneteau

Video tours of the builder's production site, reports from open days, dealer meetings, and other events

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