Maritime tourism summit to take place ahead of Boot Dusseldorf

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The event, organized by The Economist, will be held on January 17 and will focus on strengthening ties between representatives of the tourism business and officials. Participants of the summit will also discuss the impact of the marine tourism industry on the environment.

«Maritime tourism has always been an important part of the tourism industry and an engine of growth for coastal countries. Several aspects of globalization, such as transport and communications liberalization, the digital revolution and increased interest in travel abroad have contributed to the development of this sector, resulting in innovative services and infrastructure», the organizers stress.

The summit will end with the gala dinner, where the keynote speech will be delivered by former Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Ren zi.

A number of politicians and businessmen are among speakers of the summit.» In particular «block of officials will be represented by Minister of Tourism of Croatia Gari Cappelli, Minister of Culture and Tourism of Italy Dario Franceschini , Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism of Spain Reyes Maroto, Minister of Tourism of Greece Haris Theoharis.

Chairman of the Superyacht Group Martin Redmayne, President of the French Yachting Association Yves Lyon-Caen will speak for the yachting industry at the summit, President of the Azimut - Benetti Group Paolo Vitelli, Executive Chairman of Princess yachts Antony Sheriff, Chairman and CEO of SanLorenzo Massimo Perotti and representatives from a number of European marinas.

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