A ghost boat on a Florida beach

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While the owner is serving time in jail, a Cuki boat run by two dummies sailed from Key West to the coast of Melbourne Beach, Florida, survived Hurricane Irma and even kept both masts.

On Tuesday, September 19, a 45-foot sailboat washed up off the coast of Melbourne Beach without anyone on board.

«In addition to an already mysterious and scary-looking yacht, two dummies were aboard, which horrified and delighted locals, who called Cuki» a mystery boat.

Sylvia McAllister, who was one of the first to spot the boat from her porch, said: «You almost expect to see someone there. You know, what if some little heads pop out of there».

Upon investigation, police discovered that the sailboat was registered to Key West and her owner was currently serving time in Monroe County.

The logical explanation for the boat being nailed on the beach is the recent Hurricane Irma that raged, but it remains a mystery how the vessel was able to survive in such good condition after traveling a serious distance in horrendous weather conditions.

«It is very surprising to me that this sailing ship remained virtually intact, including both masts. That said, it made it through a Category 5 hurricane from Key West»: noted Tom Tobin, a pilot who lives nearby.

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