Dufour 520 Grand Large to be unveiled at the Düsseldorf Boat Show


The latest Dufour 520 Grand Large boat will be on display at the Dufour Yacht Show in Düsseldorf from 20 to 28 January 2018.

Designed by yacht architect Umberto Felchi, who has already collaborated with Dufour on several occasions, this fifteen-metre beauty combines not only the features long familiar to fans of the French brand, but also some new features.

Side and aft cockpit seats are generously sized, with a deck sink and grill hidden in the aft settee.

A 39-litre fridge is hidden under the cockpit table cover. In addition, the central rear seat swivels 180 degrees to create additional seating for guests at the table.

A custom-designed lower transom creates a wide, two-level swim platform.

The lower part is remote operated and hangs over the water, while the upper part extends the cockpit. The lower platform makes it easier to moor and unmoor the tender. It allows you to go down rather than on board. This is particularly useful when unloading heavy luggage or embarking and disembarking with small children or disabled passengers. In addition, the wide transom gives the helmsman excellent visibility, not only from behind the helm, but also to the side.

Instrumentation panels for controlling all electronics and navigation are located directly in front of both helms. The two main winches are also within easy reach of the helmsman.

The jib boom is fitted into the deckhouse roof, thus leaving the cockpit area uncluttered. As standard the headsail is fitted with 108% leeway overlap, genoa battens and adjustable carriages. The jib is set on the main winches and can be locked in place with swivel blocks for maximum ease of handling. Optionally an automatic jib can be fitted.

Below deck, moving the galley to the front of the boat has created a fairly spacious saloon with a dining and lounge area. The saloon table is electrically operated and can be lowered to the height of «coffee table» or a standard dining table. It can also be folded up compactly so that it does not get in the way while the boat is in motion.

Signature features of the Dufour are the huge portholes in the hull, which fill the salon, cabins and deck with natural light. In addition, there is plenty of storage space inside for everything you need onboard.

All artificial lighting is LED. The lamps above each bed can be charged via a 220V USB cable. LED's are even built into the wardrobes to provide maximum comfort and convenience.

All the finishings are made of solid wood. Predominantly Moabi, oak and teak wood is used.

The company offers a variety of options for interior layout. The main ones are the variants with three cabins for accommodation of six passengers or four cabins, where there are 8 beds, 2 or 3 bathrooms and possibility of installing a separate shower.

In the side cabins the double beds can be replaced by single beds, which is very convenient for traveling with family or for renting the boat. The starting price of this model is 282,625 euros.

Technical features of the Dufour 520:
Length: 15.2m.
Hull length: 14.75 metres.
Waterline length: 13.67m.
Maximum Width: 4.8m.
Displacement: 15245kg.
Draft: 2.3 m.
Weight of keel: 4042 kg.
Fuel tank capacity: 450 L.
Water tank capacity: 720 л.
Engine capacity: 75 hp.
Sail Area: 100,8 m².
Main Sail Area: 52.8 m².
Genoa jib area: 48 м².