The Prince de Bretagne maxi-trimaran is being towed

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The team of French skipper Lionel Lemonshois restored the Prince de Bretagne to its normal position and carried out a full survey. It is now being hauled in a tug to the Brazilian capital. According to preliminary estimates by the crew, the vessel should arrive in the port of Rio de Janeiro in three days.

Skipper Lionel Lemonshois himself is nursing an injured arm and, according to local French publication Le Telegramme, tells mysterious stories:

«Two hours before sunrise, a Russian-flagged freighter approached my trimaran. It stopped a quarter of a mile away. We tried to contact her by radio, but she apparently didn't want to talk to us. I concede the idea that it might have been a pirate ship. It had been watching us for quite some time, and then we managed to break away. I don't even want to think what would have happened if it was just the two of us on the water».

By now the tug with the maxi-trimaran Prince de Bretagne had reached a speed of 8 knots. According to the crew reports the weather is good and the wind is blowing between 15 and 20 knots. This is enough to reach the Brazilian coast in the shortest possible time.

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