There's a wind flapping its free wings

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The high-mountain lake Kezenoi-Am in Chechnya from July 23 to 28 for the second time hosted international sailing regatta on SB20 yachts.

From this year Cup Kezenoi-Am officially got the status of the highest-mountain regatta in Eurasia.

Based on satellite data it was fixed by the specialists of the Russian Book of Records.

The Chechen crew «Akhmat» became the best in the competition at an altitude of 1870 meters among 19 teams from Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Finland, Ukraine, Estonia and Russia . Second place went to 2017 winners ArtTube (Taganrog). « The bronze» was won by Italians from Italy sails.

In the supercup «Akhmat», which was fought for on the last day of the regatta by the top eight crews of the Cesnoi-Am Cup, the entire podium was occupied only by Russians. ArtTube and «Akhmat» « swapped places», compared to the standings «of the big» regatta. The Taganrog team retained their championship title won at the first event two years ago. The third place was taken by the Moscow team «Pirogovo».

In all there were 34 races in 5 days in Chechnya.

«The wind conditions were very difficult, the wind was constantly changing, we had to constantly follow the wind's ups and downs. Sometimes we lost speed and made wrong decisions but still we had great fun racing at Kezenoi Am Lake - shared his impressions Franchesko Ivaldi from Italy. - It is a perfect racing area for sailing. The competition is organised at the highest level. Next year we plan to come to Chechnya again and bring two more Italian crews».

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