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Poland, Warsaw

Wave Blue sp. z o. o.

ul. Mrówcza 165C, 04-768

The brand Wave Catamarans produces sailing catamarans. There are 2 models currently in production ranging from 14 to 18 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Wave Catamarans and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Wave Catamarans Model Range

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History of the company

Polish businessmen and avid nautical seamen Jakub Rosciszewski and Zbigniew Lodyga went quite a long way to create their own shipyard. The Tubajfor company they opened was initially involved in things far removed from yachting: creating complex acoustic systems for large cinemas, and previously was engaged in construction. Today more than 700 cinema halls in Eastern Europe are equipped with acoustic systems produced by Tubajfor. Curiously, the very name of the company comes from the American designation of the cross-section (in inches) of the wooden bar, which is the basis of the framework of a huge number of residential buildings in this country.

For the creation of sailing yachts (a longtime passion of the owners of the company), and subsequently the launch of its own brand Wave Catamarans, the company has moved on in successive steps. A 12 metre catamaran was first made in a single copy, and based on the experience of using it for chartering the company took up its second model. She was the rhinestone of the large and expensive multihull Wave 58.

Status .

Continues the work.


The company organized the construction of Wave Catamarans at the Leonid Telig Shipyard in Szczecin. Currently the manufacturer offers custom and semi-custom solutions. The shipyard is ready to execute everything to order - from the layout and hull design to handmade interior and furniture.

Model range

In the range of Wave Catamarans semi-custom multihulls there is 17.6-meter model Wave 58. This sailing cruising catamaran has a non-standard layout for its length. Two (out of four or five) cabins are located transversely on the bow bridge. This allows to offer the owner not a narrow room, reminiscent of a corridor, but a full spacious cabin.


Wave Catamarans multihulls have occupied the niche of expensive boats. Although traditionally Polish manufacturers offer relatively inexpensive yachts, Wave boats are even slightly more expensive than the famous French Privilege.

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