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The brand Le Breton produces sailing catamarans. There are 2 models currently in production ranging from 13 to 19 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Le Breton and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Le Breton Model Range

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History of the company

In 2007 the founder of Le Breton Yachts - Hugo Le Breton - decided to create his concept of a cruise catamaran. Le Breton, who has a lot of experience racing multihulls, wanted to combine the best of modern racing and comfortable cruising yachts. To make his concept a reality, Le Breton brought together an experienced team of designers and technical experts, including the architectural firm Van Peteghem Lauriot Prevost, designers Bjorn Johansson and Adam Voorhees, and sailing legend Bruno Peyron. Together with this team, Le Breton invented and built the first SIG45 model, which aroused great interest in the press.

The yacht was built at one of the shipyards in Italy in 2008.

The outdoor speed catamaran was completely made of carbon composite and offered its occupants almost the same comfort as a tourist cruise catamaran.

The SIG45's speed capability was unexpected for the cruiser, with speeds of up to 20-23 knots, a small manoeuvring angle and a stable smooth ride.

Inspired by their first success, the Le Breton Yachts team developed the SIG60 and SIG80. However, these models did not come to life, unlike the SIG45, which was produced in two copies.


In business files the company has the status «of active,»but after 2012 Le Breton Yachts has not built a single yacht.

Production .

The company has offices in Amsterdam and London. The company builds the projects on the basis of various shipyards, in particular, in the USA for these purposes Westerly Marine was used.

Model range

Le Breton offers its customers premium SIG carbon fiber custom cruising catamarans in lengths of 45-80 feet.


SIG catamarans from Le Breton combine speed and comfort. They are reliable and can win offshore regattas. They are lightweight and efficient on the go - the 45-foot SIG, for example, weighs half as much as the same production cruiser. Modern control systems for deck equipment and sails and ergonomic working areas are optimal for small crews. SIG has the necessary kit for a comfortable life on board, but still does not have as large an interior space as pure cruise catamarans. There is no big galley or huge bedrooms, but many open areas for relaxation and work on deck.

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