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Model range

The brand Catana produces catamaran Sailboats. There are 2 models from 14 to 17 meters.



Catana dates back to 1984, when in the town of Cogolin at Cogolin.Saint Tropez two travellers, Thierry Goard and Jean Pierre Pradais, built the first catamaran designed by Australian designer Locke Crowther, the Catana 40. The project was good (under the Phisa brand these catamarans are still in production now) but the Catana 40 was not a success. Only 11 hulls were built. But the quality of construction together with the distinctive features of the project already laid the foundation for the future success of Catana catamarans.

In the 1990s Catana continues to look for new solutions based on the experience of many travelers. Christophe Barro's C40 Diabolo goes to the Arctic, Bruno Nicoletti makes his way around the world in southern latitudes on 40 and 47 models, and the founders themselves travel a lot.

Ironically, Catana is more popular abroad than in France.

The 471st model became «Yacht of the Year» in the USA in 1999. By the early 2000s the shipyard had a turnover of 16 million francs.

But the future of Catana turned out to be connected with an experienced manager and ship Olivier Poncin. After a decade of ownership and design of Dufour yachts, Olivier Poncin created the Poncin Yachts in 2001, which includes the Harmony single hull, White Shark motor and Catana catamarans. The company exists in this form until 2012, when it gets rid of Harmony and White Shark to fully concentrate on building catamarans.

In 2014 Poncin Yachts is reorganized into the Catana Group and launches the Bali Catamarans range, focused on building 40-50ft sailing and motor catamarans for private ownership and charter.


The Catana Group, which consists of four divisions, has two production sites in France. It's a shipyard in France.Canet-en-Roussyon and the Maran (La Rochelle) shipyard. The company employs about 300 people.

Model range

Catana offers sailing catamarans from 42 to 70 feet. All models are available at different times and most have already gained popularity with demanding and wealthy travelers. In addition, there are many previous Catana models in the market that are highly valued. In this category, the Catana 92 is the flagship of the shipyard, which was built between 2006 and 2011 to order.

Today, more than 500 Catana catamarans sail the world's oceans. Over 80% of the boats built are sold outside of France.


The shipyard's commitment to innovation and quality has already been incorporated into Lock Crowther's projects.

The high degree of customization of the project makes Catana stand out.

Catana impresses with speed, reliability, safety and convenience.

Distinctive feature of Catana is, among other things, the presence of lifting centreboards and asymmetrical, «bevelled» inside the hull. The construction uses carbon fiber, Kevlar, SCRIMP vacuum infusion and ultra-light Twaron material. And in interiors - only valuable and high-quality materials.

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