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The brand Sturier produces displacement yachts and expedition yachts and trawlers. There are 10 models currently in production ranging from 14 to 24 meters. The current model range includes 4 lines: CS, DM, DME and OC. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Sturier and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Sturier Model Range

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Company history

The Dutch shipyard Sturier boasts a long history. In 1795, the Van der Werf family began building boats near Drachten. The modern history of the company began in 1918. One of the brothers bought an old shipyard in the seaside town of Stavoren and started building steel vessels. Until 1957, Sturier was only engaged in a commercial fleet, but having appreciated the potential of the recreational market, she produced a steel yacht Stavokruiser aimed at private customers. The company is now managed by Auke van der Werff, a third generation owner.


Sturier Yachts' current production facility is located at the outskirts of Stavoren. It was established from scratch in 1994 to meet the ever increasing demand for the company's vessels. This step, although forced the shipyard to leave the historic site, opened up new technological possibilities and allowed for the expansion of the model range.

Model range

The Ocean Cruiser line can be called an icon of the genre without exaggeration. As the name suggests, the owner of such a yacht can safely navigate routes away from the settled shores. This is facilitated by a 3,000-mile cruising range and spacious luxury «interiors. The characteristic curvature of this yacht makes it easily recognisable.

A series of displacement yachts Dutchman differs strict silhouette with the big area of glazing which fills an interior with light. Available in semi-displacement version, she can reach speeds of up to 24 knots.

The Dutchman Explorer series of yachts is focused on long distance sailing. The manufacturer himself describes them as «pocket superyachts», and he is not far from the truth. Explore is an elegant flybridge, an interior weight and a 4,000-mile power reserve.

The Displacement Centre Sleeper combines elegance of form, comfort and the ability to cope with even the most demanding sailing conditions. However, on these yachts you will feel at home everywhere, whether it is the North Sea or the Mediterranean waters.


The shipyard positions some of its models as suitable for both inland and offshore waters. The designers have taken care of compliance with European rules and restrictions. In doing so, they were able to make no compromises in terms of high seas navigation.

A characteristic feature of Sturiër boats is the rounded bottom bezels, which provide enhanced seaworthiness, economy and more living space.

Any model can be ordered with a hybrid power unit - quiet and economical.

Sturier boats for sale
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