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Model range

The brand Pardo Yachts produces minimalist Yachts and open Yachts. There are 5 models from 11 to 18 meters.


Company history

The Pardo Yachts brand entered the market in 2016, but the Cantiere del Pardo parent company has been in the industry for over 40 years, so the yachting community has taken the new shipyard seriously. CDP launched the brand to expand its range when it decided to enter the motor yacht segment. For this purpose, a contract was signed with Zuccheri Yacht Design, who designed the Pardo 43. The firstborn made a lot of noise. Firstly, the company has sold 40 hulls in less than a year, which certainly underlines the demand for the project. Secondly, the boat was the subject of lengthy litigation with German Hanse over a similar design with Fjord 42, which eventually ended in Pardo's victory.


It's working.


The company has one plant in Forli, near Bologna. Here only covered premises occupy about 40 000 sq.m. Other Cantiere del Pardo brands, including the Grand Soleil sailboats, are also collected at the site. The total number of vessels has already passed over 4,000 copies.

The lineup.

Under the Pardo Yachts brand, designer motor yachts from 11 to 16 meters in GRP are produced. All models develop over 35 knots as standard, so they can be categorized as high-speed boats.


Cantiere del Pardo has always attracted customers with the comfort of its boats, attention to detail and high quality, motor yachts are no exception. Deep step V hulls give Pardo yachts good controllability at high speeds. The main deck is built in one level without any unnecessary lifting and is equipped with a high bulwark for safety.

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