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The brand Brandt-Moeller produces classic sailing yachts and tender boats. There are 6 models currently in production ranging from 7 to 8 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Brandt-Moeller and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Brandt-Moeller Model Range

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History of the company

Brandt-Møllers Bådebyggeri was founded in Denmark in 1946 by Oscar Brandt-Møller. In the first post-war years, the company received small orders and barely made ends meet. But it was during this period that the first production model was designed, which helped the shipyard to gain a foothold in the market. It was a small walking wooden boat in a classic style.

By the early 50's Brandt-Møllers had already established exports to Europe as well as the USA, where most of the products were delivered. At this time the production capacity of the company was rather modest, the shipbuilder produced on average one boat per three weeks. At the same time, besides serial production, the shipyard undertook individual projects.

Later on, the company continued to build and expand its model range. Brandt-Møllers is a family-owned shipyard, which has preserved the established traditions and individual style.


No Brandt-Møllers boats are currently produced.


The shipyard's production facilities were located in Frederikssunn on the coast of Frederiksunn. Roskille Fjord .. In addition to construction, the company offered services for the repair, maintenance and storage of boats.

Model range

Until the 80's the shipyard's range consisted mainly of sailing yachts in classical style, but with the arrival of Oscar's son Per Brandt-Møller the shipyard's portfolio was expanded. He designed and launched the Diva Royal series, which included classic runabouts. The shipyard also launched elegant tenders for superyachts. Pera's son, Thomas Brandt-Møller, brought his vision for the future and added a series of houseboats to the yard.


When choosing a Brandt-Møllers, the customer was guaranteed not just to get a boat or yacht that attracted attention, but to get a reliable and comfortable vessel, all models were equipped with modern stuffing «and met» strict Scandinavian safety standards.