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Model range

The brand Haber Yachts produces classic Sailboats and enclosed Boats. There are 26 models from 5 to 13 meters in the current model range from 5 lines: GC Boats, Housboats, Motor Boats, RB Boats and Sailing Yachts.


History of the company

At a glance at the portfolio of Janusz Konkol, Polish designer, ideologist and founder of Haber Yachts, you are amazed by the diversity of his ideas and interests.

It all started in 1991, when a shipyard was founded in Novo Miasto-Lubawsk, 50 km from Gdańsk. The first yachts were launched in 1993. For 15 years the financial stability of the company was supported by the supply of motor boats to the American market through a partner company Roth Bilt Boats. This allowed the development of several areas of production based on original design solutions. By industry standards the shipyard is small, on Haber Yachts works about 50 persons.

Production .

Despite its small size, the company has an almost closed cycle of production of composite and wooden housings, metal products and elements of rankings.

The shipyard uses manual hull lamination and gelcoat laying technology, with computer control of temperature and time conditions. Before launching, all hulls are tested for tightness and quality of connection of layers in a special tank.

Model range

The Haber range is quite wide. The company produces motor and sailing boats up to 10 m in size from laminated fiberglass and wood. The range of motor boats includes displacement and gliding boats with closed saloon, with central console, as well as runabouts. Sailing yachts are represented by a series of classic sloops and tenders with enclosed deckhouses, from lake trailer models to offshore motorcycle salvors of seaworthiness category A.

Features .

Haber boats have a number of unique patented technologies. The most interesting know-how is the 4-boat balance system for sailing yachts. By dynamically changing the position of the center of lateral resistance, it is possible to stabilize the yacht on a given course, reducing the resistance of the rudder pen to flow. The design allows to keep the yacht on the set course by adjusting the level of dip of dinghies depending on the angle to the wind and roll, without using an autopilot. Models using this principle are virtually self-contained, allowing all maneuvers to be performed alone and in all weather conditions.

Some displacement motor boats are also equipped with dinghies, which makes it possible to increase seaworthiness while still being able to navigate in shallow waters.

Another feature of Haber sailboats is the use of advanced gaffed arms, which allows you to control the sails with simple rigging elements, as well as easy installation and removal of the mast.

Also interesting are interior solutions for closed salons, both for sailing boats and motor boats. Even in small trailer models, the layout of the cabin allows to place all modules necessary for a long cruise.


In this section, you can download scanned articles about the shipyard published in the mass media, an overview of its model range, price lists for the models, and other materials.

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