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Model range

The brand Frauscher produces electric and Hybrid Boats and runabouts. There are 14 models from 6 to 14 meters in the current model range from 3 lines: Center Console, Electric and Runabouts.



The history of the Austrian shipyard Frauscher began in 1927 with Engelbert Frauscher, who founded a small shipyard in Vienna. In the beginning, the shipyard built small wooden sailing yachts. But in the 40's the first racing motorboat came out of the company's gates and since then this specialisation of the shipyard has been the main one. In 1945 the shipyard moved to Lake Traunsee in Gmünden, where 10 years later it produced not only ordinary boats but also electric ones. In the 70's Frauscher created her own class of H sailing yachts, which even hosted world championships. The first decade of the new century was an experiment for the shipyard, with the third generation of Frauscher managing the company.

The grandsons of the shipyard's founder brought the brand to the world level, and began to actively experiment with the model range. In 2008, Frauscher's collaboration with Steyr Motors resulted in the creation of the world's first serial hybrid engine for yachts and boats.

In addition to this, the company has also made individual tuning projects and even tried to create a concept bot on a hydrogen engine.

At present the company has focused more on motor yachts and has started a more active marketing policy, which has led to a noticeable increase in financial indicators and a significant number of awards and attention of the public.

Model range

The shipyard's main range consists of two families of yachts with traditional Mirage, Fantom, Lido, GT, Demon engines and yachts with electric motors San Remo, Alassio, St. Tropez, Lido, Mirage. Most of the models are avant-garde, modern projects in the style of sports cars. Among models there are day cruisers and big cabin boats with open cockpit. Almost all Frauscher yachts can easily be classified as a premium segment.

In addition to the construction of current models, the shipyard also fulfils special orders for the production of some boats from past lines. These include sailing, electric and diesel yachts, as well as yachts in the special series like the superfast exclusive Lido Dino Feltrinelli series.

Production .

The shipyard has two production sites in Gmunden and Olsdorf and can build up to 100 boats per year. The company has recently opened an office in Spain. 40% of the company's turnover is generated by the sale of yachts with electric engines, 55% by diesel engines and 5% by sailing boats.


«We do what we want, and then we convince our customers that this is great,"»says Frauscher CEO Stephan Frauscher about the shipyard concept.

All Frauscher boats are handmade. The assembly of each particular boat is entrusted to specific craftsmen, who are responsible for all stages of the work and leave a name plate on the boat afterwards, something like this made with «love by Hans and Thomas.

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