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The brand Molokai Strait produces expedition yachts and trawlers. There are 9 models currently in production ranging from 20 to 43 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Molokai Strait and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Molokai Strait Model Range

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Company history

Molokai Strait was founded in the United States and was part of the American Global Yacht Group (AGYG). Under the brand were produced semi-custom luxury boats. Leading European design studios were often invited to work on projects, which allowed the company to gain worldwide recognition. The yachts of the shipyard were often exhibited at international exhibitions.


Production under the Molokai Strait brand is now completely stopped.

Manufacture .

AGYG used its own factories to manufacture the boats. The headquarters were located in Florida.Fort Lauderdale. Steel was used as hull material at the shipyard, and superstructures were made of light but strong aluminum.

Model range

The Molokai Strait range includes expedition yachts and trawlers from 20 to 40 meters in length. Despite the fact that different architects and designers have been working on the models, the whole line looks harmonious, united by a single style.

Traditionally, there is plenty of space on the decks of the brand boats, the stern has no sharp corners, but rather rounded. Smooth lines can be seen in the outlines, giving the formidable silhouette of the trawler some elegance.

Features .

Molokai Strait trawlers are characterized by good seaworthiness and increased safety. Illuminators are equipped with bulletproof glass, lower decks have waterproof bulkheads. Every element of the exterior and interior shows the reliability of the boat and its readiness to withstand any weather conditions.

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