Builder Fearless


The brand Fearless produced high performance boats and runabouts. There are no current models in production but you can learn more about the production of the brand in “Discontinued models“ section.


The company's history

Fearless Yachts announced in 2006 that it had collaborated with Porsche Design to produce five luxury yachts of different sizes, from 8.4m to 46m. The same year the first model, the Fearless 28, was launched.

In this line of yachts, the companies planned to combine yachting and automotive ideologies in an effort to create technologically advanced, sophisticated and chic, yet fast luxury yachts. Inspiration was drawn from the marine element and the special design of the Porsche.

«Owning a Fearless Yachts can only be compared with the lifestyle of a regular James Bond fashion resort,"»said Jeffrey Binder, CEO of the company.

Condition .

The Fearless 28 is currently out of production.


Fearless Shipyard is located in Miami.

Model range

Five models were planned - Fearless 28, 44, 68, 125 and 150, where the numbers mean the length of boats in feet. The light only saw the Fearless 28, with which the range made its debut, plus the company announced the Fearless 44 and 68.

Features .

The yachts in the range are designed with an emphasis on comfort and dynamics. The V-shaped hull allows for high speed and good handling without compromising passenger comfort. The lightweight, streamlined carbon fibreglass construction also has a positive effect on speed.

The hulls are designed as aerodynamically as possible, using teak in the finish. The Fearless speedboats are equipped with a special system that dampens engine noise and allows you to enjoy the sounds of the sea.