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Pasto g. 25, Jakai, LT-96323, Lithuania

The brand Pontoon LT produces pontoon boats. There is 1 model currently in production of 9.3 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Pontoon LT and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Pontoon LT Model Range

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Company history

Lithuanian company Pontoon is engaged in production and sale of self-propelled pontoons and housebots. The fashion for such boats has come to Europe from America. These, at first sight, strange designs actually very convenient, spacious and have a number of advantages for those who appreciates the maximum volume on board or does not want to part with water never, having settled in the houseboat. Thanks to the abundance of space indoors and outdoors, the comfort and minimum of household restrictions, pontoon boats are a great option for a relaxing holiday and travel with family or in large company on a lake, a quiet river or a canal.


The company is operating, actively developing foreign markets.

Production .

The production site of the yard is located near Klaipeda. There are opportunities for building boats both on universal platforms and on individual projects.

Model range

Self-propelled pontoons of the company are one- or two-storey structures of open or closed type, forming two series. The first one is for family holidays, the second one is more voluminous, about 15 m long boats for a large number of passengers (up to 45 people), which can be used as public transport or, for example, for excursions.

Also the manufacturer offers universal platforms on the basis of which it is possible to construct such a boat as the customer wishes, or to use as a place for accommodation of the motor house (model Aquacamper).

Pontoon bases are arranged on the principle of catamaran or trimaran, which gives maximum stability and minimum roll.

Passenger safety is also ensured by leer fences. On board the family version of the boat there are usually two cabins with four berths. Maximum capacity of such boats is up to 12 people. The standard engine is an outboard gasoline engine of 10 h.p. Also the company offers services in building of houseboats under individual projects.


The company is flexible to meet the wishes of customers for the arrangement of boats, contributes to this and the constructive base of pontoons. Company Pontoon LT also sells floating pontoon elements (floats) which are conceived and made as separate small plastic segments that is convenient for designing and maintenance of pontoon bases.