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Italy, Pesaro


via Sandro Pertini,119, 61122

Model range

The brand Sundeck Yachts produces expedition Yachts and Trawlers and sea SUVs. There are 8 models from 13 to 24 meters.


The history of the company

Sundeck Yachts was founded in the early 2010s in Italy. The company is headed by two passionate marine adventurers, Angelo Casartelli and Paolo Vatteroni. These people were able to breathe new life into the post-crisis shipbuilding market.

Already in 2014, the company made a loud appearance at the international trade fair in Genoa, presenting the Sundeck 550 and Sundeck 700 models. The boats were well received by the audience and since then all the new products of the company have been followed with great interest.

Status .

The shipyard works and continues to build modern and luxurious explorers based on the principles of functionality and safety.

Production .

The company has several production facilities located throughout Italy. The main plants are in the Fano and Spezia areas. For the design and development of the entire range, Sundeck Yachts has invited Zuccheri Yacht Design to cooperate with Maurizio Zuccheri, who has extensive experience in creating modern explorers.

Model range

The yard's range includes semi-custom boats from 18 to 38 meters long for long journeys.

In 2018 Sundeck Yachts presented the project of a 13-meter boat - 430 Open. The yacht stands out from the traditional range of the company. Firstly, until recently, the company's only focus was on expedition boats and sea off-road vehicles ready for the harsh conditions. Secondly, instead of the usual spacious deck superstructures and flybridges, the 430 Open received an open salon. In other words, it is an open cruising yacht.


Sundeck Yachts boats have good navigational data. They can operate economically over transatlantic distances and are capable of speeds up to 25 knots when time is of the essence rather than long-term autonomy.

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